Merchant City Medical Group offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, from our state of the art clinics throughout the UK & Europe.


Surgical treatment to remove stubborn areas of fat whilst reshaping and contouring the body.

Excess fat


Local or general anaesthetic.


30 minutes-2 hours


0-1 night.


6- 8 weeks.

Delivering Dreams of a New You

Merchant City Medical Group offer a bespoke service, ensuring a tailored plan is made to suit your individual needs. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of standards, providing you the support and expertise you need throughout this life changing journey.

Procedure Overview

Get the body you desire and remove unwanted stubborn fat for good. A popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, liposuction is a very quick and effective way of sculpting different areas of the body by removing stubborn fatty deposits permanently.

Our specialist Dr Anna De Leo carried out in our London clinic can use Liposuction to sculpt and contour specific parts of your body by removing excess fat in certain localised areas, including abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs, knees, kneck, cheeks and chin.

We recommend 7-10 days off work after Liposuction. You will have small incisions on the area treated with dissolvable sutures, this area must be kept clean and dry.

Look great, be confident.

Stop worrying about your hair.