Merchant City Medical Group offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, from our state of the art clinics throughout the UK & Europe.


Pioneering treatment to solve your sexual problems and increase your sexual pleasures using PRP.

Failed erection, offers increased size & girth, boosts your sex life and experience, enhances sexual performance.


Local anaesthetic.


30-60 minutes




No downtime.

Delivering Dreams of a New You

Merchant City Medical Group offer a bespoke service, ensuring a tailored plan is made to suit your individual needs. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of standards, providing you the support and expertise you need throughout this life changing journey.

Procedure Overview

The P-Shot is a pioneering technique that can rejuvenate the penis, improving both its function and sensation. Using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), this natural, non-surgical treatment involves injections placed directly into the penis, increasing the blood flow, giving you stronger, firmer erections, whilst enhancing your sex life.

Research states that around 43% of men aged 18-60, across the UK are suffering with erectile dysfunction, and that sadly, many would rather split with their partners than discuss the difficulty they are facing. With such a high percentage and many relationships negatively affected with this problem, is it not time to lose the stigma, start discussing the issue but more importantly, start using treatments like the P-Shot, that are there to help?

This sensational procedure is helping men across the world regain their self-confidence. Giving back the sex drive they once had, improving erectile issues such as impotence or difficulty maintaining erections, whilst also increasing girth, size and sensation (for him & her).

Look great, be confident.

Stop worrying about your hair.