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Non-surgical facelift to tighten loose, sagging skin making it look smoother, younger and healthier.

Ageing, sagging, loose skin


Topical and local anaesthetic


45-60 minutes.




2-3 days.

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Procedure Overview

A Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure where temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle yet visible lift in the skin.  Instead of removing the patient’s loose facial skin surgically, our specialist surgeon simply suspends the skin by stitching up portions of it, this causes the skin to be pulled back slightly and therefore lifting and tightening the face.

Threads are not only ideal for lifting the skin, threads are also combating age by provoking the body’s healing response, causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to the treated areas.  This is important due to the vital role collagen plays in the ageing process.

Otherwise known as ‘non-surgical facelift’, thread lifting is fast becoming a preferred alternative to facelift surgery, due to its effectiveness and non-invasive nature. Threads are inserted through a tiny tube and can lift most parts of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, jowls, jawline and neck, getting rid of sagging, loose skin and creating a tighter, firmer appearance.  For most of our patients, the biggest advantage of this low risk, affordable procedure is the reduced recovery time compared with that of surgical facelift.

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