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Non-surgical hair loss treatment, where natural pigments are added to the scalp to replicate natural shaved hairstyle or add density throughout longer thinning hair


Balding, alopecia, thinning on scalp & beard. Scar coverage.




2-6 hours.




No downtime

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Procedure Overview

SMP is a wonderful treatment that gives the illusion of a full shaved hairstyle or density throughout thinning areas of the scalp, on both men and women. Unlike other hair loss treatments, SMP is also a reliable solution for those suffering from Alopecia. This non-surgical hair loss treatment, referred to as a medical tattoo, can also be used to conceal scars on the scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an affordable procedure that gives instant results. The treatment is carried out over 3 sessions, in which our specialist technician deposits small droplets of medical grade pigmentation, just beneath the surface of the skin. This successfully gives the illusion of small, natural hair follicles, replicating the existing hair.

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